Christian Worship Tune Player


Christian Worship Publishing Trust is pleased to announce a valuable resource for churches.  With the kind help of friends, and the support of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, we have available a Tune Player which can be used to support the congregational singing.  This is of particular benefit to churches who do not have a regular pianist or organist.

The tune player is available from the CWPT office subject to certain criteria being fulfilled.

Technical details:

  • A laptop or other device that is capable of running a small ‘java’ file.  The computer will also need to have a USB port.
  • A  keyboard or organ with ‘MIDI’ input capability.
  • A MIDI to USB cable which can be purchased from electronic suppliers.

Operational details:

Click on the link for full instructions here.

The Christian Worship Tune Player is designed to be used in conjunction with the Christian Worship Tune book, available for purchase from this site.  Due to some technical and other difficulties the tune ‘Camberwell’ (Tune: 534) has not been included on the tune player.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the Tune player, but if errors are found then please make contact with us.

Please note: This Tune Player must NOT be distributed to other individuals or churches without the express permission of the Christian Worship Publishing Trust