Report 2011

Friday 25th & Saturday 26th March 2011
Maurice Roberts, Richard Brooks & Peter Masters

Maurice Roberts: Free Church of Scotland Continuing
Richard Brooks: Dales Evangelical Church, Derbyshire
Peter Masters: Metropolitan Tabernacle, London

This was a good conference for a number of reasons: it was an encouragement to see the increased numbers on both Friday and Saturday; there was an excellent spirit between brothers and sisters in Christ; it was a warm hearted conference; the meetings were a blessing to all.

Maurice Roberts spoke about two fundamentals of the Christian faith: justification and sanctification. His address on justification was both instructional and inspirational. He ended with the thought that we especially need this justification when we die. The following message on sanctification was equally appreciated.

Richard Brooks’ title was ‘Blessed Assurance’. In the first session, he dealt with the problems many have with assurance. The second session was more of a description of the blessedness of assurance. The last message in particular was deeply experimental. We sang the hymn ‘Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine’ to close the session.

Peter Masters’ Friday evening Preaching Rally message was a call to the church to stand against what he called ‘new Calvinism’. He showed how many hold the doctrines of grace but do not apply the doctrines in life and worship. He called on those present to stand for a thorough gospel that both saves and sanctifies.

There were also two afternoon sessions where everyone could contribute in a fellowship meeting. In the ladies fellowship meeting, Morwen Higham spoke about the challenge of being a pastor’s wife. The need to be wholly committed to the gospel was emphasised. The pastors fellowship meeting was on the subject of the Lord’s Day. Dewi Higham led this meeting with Maurice Roberts, Richard Brooks and Mick Harris on the panel. Many spoke of their desire to honour the Lord on His day.

Many said they were encouraged to be with those of like mind. In days when there has been so much decline from the faith, it was good to see those who wish to establish an emphasis on the word and heart religion.